January 2022

This is the Best Recommendation Regarding Swimming Pools in Jakarta – Nowadays, more and more people are spending their time playing and enjoying time to please themselves and it is also the best plan in their life to do all the activities that can be done easily.

The place is clean and well maintained and has quite good and complete facilities, it could be one of your considerations for taking a vacation with children. If you’re looking for the best swimming pool in Jakarta, here are some recommendations!

This is the Best Recommendation Regarding Swimming Pools in Jakarta

1. Waterboom Jakarta
This swimming pool is certainly well known in Jakarta. In addition to complete facilities, this pool is very clean, so you can be quite comfortable swimming with your family here.

In addition, the available rides are also quite diverse and can be enjoyed  by all ages. Even one of the rides has a track length of more than 100 meters, perfect for those of you who want more challenging rides.

2. The Wave Waterpark
The Wave is located in South Jakarta and was nominated as one of the best water rides with the family. In addition to the complete and unique facilities, there are various kinds of rides that are already available for you.

Not only children, all ages can enjoy the rides provided according to the height and age requirements. Some of them are aqua play, wave pool and sandy beach.

3. House of Shafa
This swimming pool is perfect for women who want to swim more freely and freely. Because this pool only accepts female visitors and children.

Even the rules are made quite strict, for boys over the age of 7 years are also not allowed to enter this swimming pool. So, for you Muslim women, you will definitely feel quite safe and comfortable when swimming in this place.

4. Tangkas Sport Center
This pool may be quite different from other water rides, because it is united with other sports facilities. in this place has also been incorporated with tennis courts and GYM.

However, the public facilities and the pool are very clean and cool, so it is quite suitable for use with the family, especially if you want to train your children to swim more smoothly and agilely, this place can be a recommendation.

5. Gajah Mada Plaza Pool
Gajah Mada Plaza Pool is an old swimming pool known as one of the best in Jakarta. If you have free time on the weekends with your family, there is nothing wrong with taking your children to play in this pool.

Apart from being clean and well-maintained, the atmosphere is quite different from the others. This pool is located at the height of the Gajah Mada Plaza building, so of course it has quite an interesting sensation and view.

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