Must See Interesting Festivals in Ireland

Must See Interesting Festivals in Ireland – Nowadays more and more people want to be able to see and also witness so many interesting festivals to visit in various countries.

Irish society has various lively festivals that are regularly held every year. Most of these festivals feature various forms of culture and art from Irish society which is very interesting to watch.

In addition, you can also enjoy a variety of Irish culinary specialties as well as entertainment from local artists. These festivals are also held in several major cities in Ireland including the capital city of Dublin. Here are five interesting festivals that you can watch while on vacation to Ireland.

Must See Interesting Festivals in Ireland

1. Temple Bar Tradfest
Temple Bar Tradfest is held at the end of January which coincides with the turn of winter into spring. At the festival, which is held in the capital city of Dublin, a number of residents will take to the streets carrying musical instruments and singing barakfestival traditional Irish songs.

Reported by Theworldpursuit, this musical performance lasted for five days with a very lively atmosphere. In 2021, Temple Bar Tradfest has entered its 13th event. This festival is able to attract foreign and domestic tourists to visit Dublin City.

2. St Patrick’s Day Festival
St Patrick’s Day Festival has been named the biggest festival in Ireland. In addition, this event also costs more extravagantly than the festivals in Ireland.

At this festival, Dublin City residents will gather in the city center to watch a festive parade wearing various types of costumes that look unique and are dominated by the color green.

Along the way, there are many vendors selling a variety of traditional Irish food and drinks that can spoil your taste buds. St Patrick’s Day Festival is held in mid-March every year, you know.

3. Cork Vegfest
For those of you who are vegetarians, Cork Vegfest is not to be missed while on vacation in Ireland. This festival has many purposes, from voicing the issue of killing animals as food ingredients to highlighting the vegan food business which is increasingly in demand by the public.

In addition, you can also find dozens of food stands selling a variety of vegetarian dishes with an appetizing taste and appearance. The committee also holds various interesting competitions that you can participate in to get prizes.