Here’s a Recommendation for Delicious Alcohol Drinks that You Must Try

Here’s a Recommendation for Delicious Alcohol Drinks that You Must Try – Nowadays many people like to drink alcohol to get rid of boredom and also the burden of thoughts that can make them feel stressed.

Alcoholic beverages are very popular with many adults. Apart from being able to make the body warm, alcoholic drinks also have a good taste. Most alcoholic drinks are made from, fermented various fruits or tapped on certain trees.
Here's a Recommendation for Delicious Alcohol Drinks that You Must Try
1. Beer

Beer is an alcoholic beverage that is produced through the fermentation process of starchy materials and does not go through a distillation process after fermentation. The process of brewing beer, commonly bookiesrights called brewing because the ingredients to make beer are different from one another. Beer is also one of the oldest drinks in the world. History records, this drink has been made from 5000 BC and is written in the history of ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia. Oh, yes, some countries also produce alcohol-free beer.

2. Rum & Coke

Rum is an alcoholic beverage fermented and distilled from sugar cane juice. Rum by distillation is a clear liquid, and is usually stored for ripening in oak barrels. The largest rum producers in the world are Caribbean countries and along the Demerara River in Guyana, South America. In addition, rum factories exist in other countries of the world such as Australia, India, Reunion Islands. Rum consists of various types with different alcohol content. White rum commonly used as a cocktail mixer. Golden and dark brown rum is used in cooking, baking, and in cocktails. Only high-quality rum is usually drunk plain without a mixer or added ice cubes.


3. Vodka & Orange

This one drink is a mixture of vodka and orange juice. It tastes very good and is suitable to be enjoyed on the beach during the day. Vodka itself is an alcoholic beverage, with a fairly high level of 40%. Vodka is made from fermented distilled wheat.


4. Tequila

Tequila is a drink made from the fermented agave plant. Tequila is usually served with salt and lime, Mexico is the largest producer of tequila drinks.


5. Margaritas

Margarita is a drink made with a mixture of lemon or lime. Often served with salt on the rim of the glass, this drink is very popular served in beach bars.