Get Rid of Insecurity with Some Activities

Get Rid of Insecurity with Some Activities – Almost everyone certainly has a sense of insecurity that can make themselves lose, because there will be many things they just miss.

The “autopilot” mode that we often apply to life, finally makes it difficult for us to understand ourselves. Life is left to go on without a definite direction. Feelings of inferiority and insecurity appear so easily.

For that, immediately take back control of your life. Get to know and understand yourself better. A clear self-awareness will make your life more focused and on track. Ready to connect with your own unique identity? Come on, follow the five activities below!

Get Rid of Insecurity with Some Activities

1. Doing journaling
Journaling can be a means to increase self-awareness. In addition, this activity can also be a place for introspection and tracking your progress. Write down what happened today, emotional reactions that arise, to the reasons underlying leisuretimeattractions the emotions experienced.

Honestly pouring out various things that are being thought and felt will not only make you understand yourself more. However, it is also beneficial for mental health. Get used to it, ok?

2. Learn new things
Did you know that learning new things can increase your self-awareness? Learning something new forces us to think and act in new ways. Doing things that make us comfortable actually makes our thinking narrow, you know.

This activity is very effective in growing your freshness and flexibility. In addition to increasing knowledge and skills, self-understanding also increases.

3. Practice mindfulness
Mindfulness is a form of meditation to train focus on the surrounding environment and the emotions you feel and accept them openly. This method can help you to open up more and get to know yourself.

Sit in a comfortable place and try to catch your breath. Develop awareness of inhalation and exhalation. Focus on your surroundings and then focus on the emotions you are feeling. Whatever emotions arise, accept them. Do it for a while until you are calm and can think clearly. Very easy, right?

4. Paying attention to others and then reflecting on yourself
Have you ever felt irritated or disturbed by other people’s thoughts or actions? Well, now is the time to reflect on yourself too.

Could it be that what other people do we also often do? This activity can be a means for you to self-reflect. Come on, do it right away!

5. Asking for clarification from the closest person
This activity can also be one way to self-awareness, you know. Sometimes we really need other people’s clarification to know our strengths and weaknesses. Try asking the people closest to you for feedback about how they see you. That way, we will get another perspective from them about the depiction of ourselves.